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Do consider a visit to St. Alban’s (Richmond) on Saturday, August 18th (8 am), for a unique celebration of Canon Charles Nalls’ 8th anniversary of institution as the Rector of  the parish. On that date a choral matins/lauds cathedral service, newly composed by Diocesan Choir Master Bernard Riley will be held.

The St. Alban’s choirs have been preparing for over a year for this celebration. The list of compositions includes complete Versicles and Responses including the Lord’s Prayer and Creed, a short double choir motet on the beloved hymn “Astoria” 405, a descant on “Wigan” 338, four Anglican chants, Venite, Benedictus Es, Benedictus and Jubilate Deo and two antiphons, one on Psalm 99 and another on Psalm 101.

Choir Master Riley “would encourage you to invite friends and acquaintances who are curious about us and to come and worship with us and experience our most extraordinary tradition of worship. You shan’t want to miss this opportunity.”

The service will be followed by a Benedictine breakfast. If you plan to attend, please RSVP to atbrashweb@comcast.net

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