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Bishop Coadjutor Elected in Anglican Province in America

Orlando, FL-July 18, 2019

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Episcopal Election

The Synod of the Anglican meeting in Orlando, Florida has elected the Rt. Rev. Chandler Holder Jones as Bishop Coadjutor to Bishop Walter Grundorf. By two-thirds vote, the delegates representing some 42 parishes elected Bp. Jones on the first ballot. The other candidates were The Rev. James V. Johnson, Jr., Vicar, All Saints Church, Lancaster, PA and The Ven. Erich A. Zwingert, SSC, Rector, All Saints Church, Mills River, NC, Archdeacon of the Diocese of the Eastern US.

Archdeacon Zwingert, Fr. Johnson, Bp. Jones

          Bishop Junes, 48 years old, currently is the Rector, St. Barnabas Church, Dunwoody, Georgia, as well as Suffragan Bishop of the DEUS.  He has served traditional Anglican parishes in the APA and, earlier, the Anglican Church in America since the late 1996 following ordination by the late Abp. John Cahoon of the ACC.  He holds a MDiv. from Duke and Bachelor of Arts (B. A.) degree in Philosophy, magna cum laude, from Emory & Henry University in Virginia, as well as certificates from Exeter (Elglish literatury) and King’s School Canterbury (Anglican history) .

Bp. Jones is married to Megan (Baskwill) Jones.  They have four children, two sons and two daughters.

As Bishop Coadjutor, Bp. Jones duties are to support and assist the Bishop Ordinary and shares his Apostolic jurisdiction. By election to this office, Bp. Jones will have the right of succession to  Bishop Grundorf upon the latter’s retirement.

Other News

In other news from the Synod, following parish-by-parish commitments the diocese raised its original estimates and approved a budget of some $381,000.  This includes at least $25,000 for outreach projects and $160,000 for the construction of a school.  Some $41,000 will go to publishing including a new Sunday school curriculum.

In various items reported by the parishes, mission work is being done in Appalachia, and the diocese has constructed a classical Christian academy in Fernancina Beach, Florida. Sponsored by Holy Trinity parish, Lindisfarne Hall currently is accepting registrations for students in 5th through the 12th grade.

Sponsoring Parish

This year the Synod is sponsored by Saint Alban’s Cathedral, Oviedo, Florida.


The Synod Convenes

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